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7th Mar, 2012 | Source : Matthew Bellotti

Around one in three small businesses fail within a year. For franchises it is a mere one in twenty. About 40% of retail sales are accounted for by franchises. Put simply, franchising is a smart way to establish your own business.

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the data line
15th Apr, 2010 | Source : WSI Internet

In the January 2005 issue of Entrepreneur magazine, WSI Internet Consulting and Education was once again awarded the distinction of the world’s #1 Internet Business Franchise and saw its overall rank jump a record 70 spots, to #53 in the prestigious Franchise 500. This was not surprising to industry insiders as WSI has been ranked #1 for… Read more
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1st Apr, 2010 | Source : M Yeomans


The term 'Franchising' describes a business model where a 'franchisor' licenses trademarks and established methods of doing business to a 'franchisee' in exchange for a recurring payment plus a percentage of gross sales or gross profits and annual fees. Advertising, training, and other support services are commonly made available by the franchisor licensing the 'chain store' or… Read more
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Posted by Don S on 17th Mar 2012 07:24

BedBug Chasers is franchising I’ve been told, very low upfront costs with a through the roof ROI,..
Posted by Tank Draper on 27th Sep 2010 08:42

Fascinating Read
Wow, what a read..
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